Τrikkis Melodi

The Choir of Chanters ‘Trikkis Melodi «was founded in October 2004 in Trikala,

Greece. The main objective and basic pursuit of the Choir, is the systematic

cultivation and promotion of the Psaltic Art, the Art of Chanting, highlighting the

work of Byzantine and post-Byzantine Greek composers and the participation in

devotional gatherings.

The Choir has participated in several concerts in Trikala and in other cities in Greece.

In 2006 “Trikkis Melodi” participated in the psaltic events of the 3rd International

Conference, organized by the Institute of Byzantine Musicology (Athens Concert

Hall), while in May 2009, held a concert at the War Museum of Athens.

Several were the religious congregations in which Trikkis Melodi participated.

Memorable, the Pannychis, akolouthia (service) of the Byzantine Typikon in a

extraordinary byzantine monument of 10th c, the church of the Assumption in

Kalambaka, near Meteora (2009) and the participation in the celebrations of the

Monastery of st. Catherine at Mt. Sinai (2010). In 2011 the Choir participated in the

artistic events of the First Scientific Conference of Ecclessiastical Music organized by

the Theological Faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In December of

the year 2011, the Chorus chanted again from the scene of the Athens Concert Hall,

the Dramaturgy of the Ladder of Virtues of St. John of Sinai. On the 3rd and 4th of

July 2015, Trikkis Melodi participated in the chanting events of the Musicological

Conference for the Presentation of the Musical Manuscripts from the Collection of the

Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, and in September of 2015 participated in the artistic

events of the Laus-Plena Foundation, held at Varese, Italy and Lugano, Switzerland.

«Trikkis Melodoi» have recorded, so far, the works “Rejoice, the hive of Meteora” (2

cds, 2006) with psalms from the sequence of the holy Meteorite Fathers and “Chants

of the Mother of Churches” (2009) in collaboration with the Official Site of the Greek

– Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

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